Gummy Smile: Causes and Treatment

What is a Gummy Smile?

A gummy smile is when one showcases an excessive amount of gum while smiling. To be specific, it is denoted the presence of more than 2 mm of gum, disproportionally seen in the tooth. The display of more gingival tissue, ranging in severity, can be a cause of shame or reduced confidence when one smiles. Nonetheless, there are numerous cosmetic techniques to remedy the condition depending on the cause. In this paper, the gummy smile causes and treatment recommended by a dentist in Weston, MA is discussed.

Causes of Gummy Smile:

Gummy shine causes can be due to various factors including heredity, muscle movement, and hygiene as follows:


The most common cause is likely to get passed in the family, whereby gummy grins might be due to a big jaw, small teeth, or a small upper lip. Moreover, after the emergence of adult teeth, more gum overgrowth covers the teeth excessively, which causes a gummy grin. 

Muscle hyperactivity

Another cause might be the hyperactive muscles adjacent to your lips. In this case, your gummy grin might be remedied by Botox injections; thus, a competent medical practitioner at Brisbane Smiles can help you out. 


Oral health can also cause a gummy grin. If you do not care for your teeth, the plaque will accumulate below the gums, which can cause infection and irritation or inflamed gums.

How to Treat Gummy Smile?

The solution to a gummy smile when a patient has one is for the dentist to shape their gums. This entails the removal of more gum tissue and the contouring and shaping of the teeth. They can vary from the use of lasers to scalpels. This mostly pain-free procedure is referred to as gum sculpting only requires local anesthetic. When a patient is miserable with how their smile and desires a more symmetrical smile, we look into gum recontouring. But when grinding wears down the patient’s teeth; dental crowns are used to reconstruct the smile. 

In this instance, it is better to treat gum recontouring initially and leave tooth therapy for later. If the patients have more gum tissue due to gum sickness, they will have to treat their prior issue with scaling and root planning of their teeth before undergoing gum recontouring. As advised by the dentist, it is always ideal to treat these problems before treating cosmetic surgery.

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