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Excessive sweating can lead one to lose their confidence and their self-esteem as well. While it is a physical condition, it also goes on to affect one’s mental health in a negative manner causing them to become aloof and drawn away from everyone else. This, in turn, leads them to become isolated, and eventually, this isolation does not take long to turn into depression. Hence, here is everything you should know about Hyper Hidrosis Clinic USA so that you can keep your excessive sweating at bay.

Causes of hyperhidrosis

There are many causes of this condition, and it may or may not be caused by an underlying disease. Some of the most common causes that lead one to develop this condition are as follows.

  • Excessive intake of alcohol.
  • Medical conditions like diabetes, spinal cord injury, gout, pregnancy, cardiac disease, respiratory failure, or Parkinson’s disease.
  • Obesity and some types of cancers and infections can also lead to the condition.


The condition of hyperhidrosis is usually self-diagnosed, but it is better to get a medical diagnosis for the same. Doctors diagnose the condition through the thermoregulatory sweat test, which also helps them determine the severity of the condition in a person.

Hyperhidrosis is certainly a condition that should be treated in time, seeing as how it makes one socially withdrawn from others. This tends to be harmful to their mental health as it leads to loneliness and depression. It is also prone to causing embarrassment and makes them feel uncomfortable in various social situations. Hence, it should be diagnosed properly and treated with care and expertise as well.


One can get help with this condition from organizations like Hyper Hidrosis Clinic USA that are specially designed to help people infected with the condition get rid of it. The concerned doctor may prescribe a medicated antiperspirant for the same that is composed of aluminum chloride or prescription creams to treat the condition. If this does not produce any effective result, then the doctor might also suggest injections of botulinum toxins or antidepressants. If none of this works, then the person has no other choice but to undergo surgery, which can be of different types like microwave therapy, sweat gland removal, or nerve surgery. Make sure you treat the condition in time, and for more details, you can visit online sites.

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