Learning About Skin Tightening Treatment- Thermage (FLX)

There is a new buzz in the market, and people are just loving it. As skin tightening can bring you that younger look that you always wanted, thermage (FLX) is one option that has bought a smile to many. As this is a non-surgical treatment, this is giving confidence to many. Let us look into the details for your understanding.

Skin Laxity

When you are young, your skin can snap back to its place instantly. However, with aging, your skin may lose its ability to get back and may begin to sag and lose its tightening and firm appearance. The two important proteins that give your skin elasticity and firmness is the collagen and elastin. Collagen is one tightly constructed fiber that gives firmness and structure to your skin. Elastin as the name suggests provides elasticity.

Both proteins begin to decline with age and other external factors like sunlight, pollution, smoke, and unhealthy nutrition. So, a decline in collagen and elastin will make your skin sag and wrinkle.

About Thermage FLX

Thermage FLX is a treatment that uses radio-frequency energy, that smoothens, contours, and tightens your skin making you look younger than ever. The radiofrequency gets deeper into your tissues where it is converted to heat. The heat then separates the water molecules from the collagen tissues making them shrink. Over time, a second healing response happens, causing new collagen and elastin to grow. Collagen is important to make your skin firmer and elastin to get tighter.

This is US FDA and EU CE safety certification. It is the only non-invasive treatment for the eye and face.

At Retens, you will get the best aesthetic team with good professional knowledge and aesthetic touch. They make use of high-end technology like AccuREP technology. This can automatically fine-tune in and make use of RF energy of every round of treatment that is perfectly required for your skin. The Thermage  has been very well received since the time it is launched.

Thermage is also effective in other areas of your body:

  • Face
  • Lips
  • Eyes
  • Hands
  • Arms
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen

Results of Thermage Treatments

Thermage is one good treatment that can tighten your wrinkled skin and lift the sagging skin. It can also improve the appearance of your skin as well as its texture. Thermage FLX is much better than its competitors as it requires one session of treatment to get the results you wanted.

The results of this treatment vary in terms of duration due to various factors. It depends on your skin type and the behaviors that can influence your skin health. So, mainly it can take shape within a period of three to six months after your session. It can last for about one to two years depending on how you care for your skin.


After the session, you can get back to your daily routine. You can work and exercise the way you use to. However, you need to follow a proper skin care daily regimen that is specific to your skin type like using a daily broad-spectrum sunscreen. This will minimize the chance of your skin going through aging.

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