Diagnodent: A Modern And Revolutionary Way Of Caries Detection

Of all the oral problems, dental caries is the most prevalent one affecting millions worldwide. Early detection is the key to a successful treatment in restoring your tooth and saving yourself from extractions. Diagnodent is a revolutionary innovation in the field of dentistry that aids in the early detection of caries much more accurately than dental X-rays. 

The family dentistry in North Mankato comprises skilled dental specialists who specialize in the use of Diagnodent for their patients. This aids in the early and accurate diagnosis of tooth decay. 

An Insight into Diagnodent 

Diagnodent is an advanced and modern laser-assisted diagnostic tool that aids in the early detection of caries. It can effectively spot even the smallest lesions at the earliest stage without having to scrape, probe, or open up the affected tooth. Over the past decades, Diagnodent has been considered to be over 90% accurate when compared to dental examinations and X-rays. 

Understanding the principle behind Diagnodent

Diagnodent is a safe, simple, effective, and painless way of identifying caries. It consists of a hand-held, pen-like device or probe connected to a monitor. This probe emits laser light into the tooth to measure the internal fluorescence. The laser operates at a specific wavelength and uses two-way optics to calibrate the amount of light reflected out of the tooth. The readings are recorded on the monitor. A higher reading indicates a greater level of tooth decay.

The reading interpretation is as follows: 

  • 10 to 15: No cavity detected 
  • 15 to 30: Preventive care recommended 
  • 30 and up: Extensive treatment recommended 

Benefits of using Diagnodent 

Diagnodent is a revolutionary diagnostic tool for caries that is gaining momentum, due to the following benefits:

  • Exposes caries at an early stage
  • Does not involve scraping or opening the tooth
  • Safe and painless 
  • Cost-effective
  • Provides accurate results
  • No exposure to radiation involved in X-rays thus can be safely used for pregnant, and lactating women
  • Less time-consuming 

The procedure involved while using Diagnodent 

The steps involved in using a Diagnodent are as follows:

  • Your dentist will isolate the suspected tooth with a rubber dam to control moisture, which can lead to false positive results.
  • The Diagnodent is switched on, and the probe is carefully held over the tooth. The device will be moved near the occlusal (chewing) surfaces, the interdental (between the teeth) areas, the buccal/labial surface, and the palatal/lingual surface. 
  • The readings will be recorded on the monitor, and the results will be interpreted accordingly.   

Diagnodent is a laser-assisted inspection device utilized for the early detection of tooth decay, especially in the areas not accessible to visible to the naked eye. Such revolutionary diagnostic tools have been gaining popularity in the prevention of further damage, thereby saving your tooth from extensive procedures like extraction.

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