Keeping On Top Of Your Health In Bangkok

As an expatriate living in Thailand, you can easily let your health slip and pick up some bad habits. It is easy to eat out regularly and drink too much, and with the heat, it can be hard to motivate yourself to exercise. However, there are things that you can do to ensure you stay on top of your health and ensure you stay healthy when you live in Bangkok. Below are some tips to help you do this, which can help you remain healthy so you can still enjoy living in the Big Mango.

Find Yourself A Doctor

You will want to ensure that you find yourself an excellent doctor when you live in Bangkok, and if you have health insurance, you can speak to your provider to see which hospital they recommend. Most hospitals will offer annual health check-up packages in Bangkok at a reasonable price, so if you are over fifty s something you will want to consider.

Exercise Regularly

Many of us do not get as much exercise as we should, and it is easy when living in Bangkok to say it is too hot and you cannot be bothered. However, there are plenty of air-conditioned gyms you can join and use their personal trainer services to ensure you do not let your health slip and you stay active. You can also go swimming which is an excellent form of exercise and much cheaper than joining a gym, which is perfect if you have a strict budget. Many condos and housing estates in the city will have a swimming pool, so there may be no charge for it at all.

Eat Healthily

It is also easy to fall into the habit of eating out and ordering takeaway a lot when you live in Bangkok and it can be cheaper to do this than cook at home. However, when you cook for yourself, you can control what is put into your food, and you can ensure that you do not consume too much sugar, salt, or oily foods, which can all be harmful to your health.

Avoiding Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Bangkok is a party city, and there is always something going on somewhere, so it is easy to have an active social life and go out drinking. You will want to limit how much alcohol you consume, which can significantly affect your overall health. You can still go out and enjoy yourself, but you will want to make sure you do not go out every night or too many times each week.

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