Things to Know Before Meeting a Gynaecologist

The gynecologist is a specialized doctor who deals with women’s health. They can be consulted for a period and pelvic pain, irregular periods, infertility, and menopause. The first meeting with the Gynae will be an important moment as it will help you better understand your condition and make decisions accordingly. This post lists a few things to know before meeting a gynecologist.

  1. The pelvic exam

Before meeting a gynecologist, the first thing to know is that the doctor will ask you for an intimate examination. It can be embarrassing, but it mustn’t stop you from going! The important part here is not being embarrassed or ashamed of your body, and the most important thing is trust and mutual respect. The ovarian cystectomy singapore is a safe and effective procedure performed at the National University Hospital.

  1. The gynecologist is not there to judge you

Before meeting a gynecologist, the second thing to know is that the doctor will not judge you. They have seen and heard it all! So, please don’t be shy or embarrassed to share your concerns with them.

  1. The doctor is there to help you

Before meeting a gynecologist, the third thing to know is that they are not your enemy. They will always try and understand what’s going on with the patient to offer them treatment options and solutions according to their specific situation.

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